Call for Abstract


July 18-19, 2019


Zurich, Switzerland

Scientfic Sessions:

The calling worried about the counteractive action and treatment of oral ailment, including maladies of the teeth and supporting structures and illnesses of the delicate tissues of the mouth. Dentistry additionally includes the treatment and amendment of mutation of the jaws, misalignment of the teeth, and birth peculiarities of the oral cavity, for example, congenital fissure. Notwithstanding broad practice, dentistry incorporates numerous claims to fame and subspecialties, including orthodontics and dental orthopaedics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral & maxillofacial medical procedure, oral maxillofacial pathology and endodontics. Dental anatomy is a field of anatomy dedicated to the study of human tooth structures. The development, appearance, and classification of teeth fall within the category. Tooth formation begins before birth, and the teeth's eventual morphology is dictated during this time. Dental anatomy is also a taxonomical science which is concerned with the naming of teeth and the structures of which they are made. Usually, there are 20 primary ("baby") teeth and 28 to 32 permanent teeth, the last four being third molars or "wisdom teeth", each of which may or may not grow in. Among primary teeth, 10 usually are found in the maxilla (upper jaw) and the other 10 in the mandible (lower jaw). Among permanent teeth, 16 are found in the maxilla and the other 16 in the mandible. Most of the teeth have distinguishing features.                                          

This is also known as Prosthetic dentistry and it is concerned with dentures, bridges and the restoration of implants. Endodontics comprises of the study of basic and clinical biological aspects of the normal dental pulp. It includes etiology , diagnosis, prevention and  treatment of injuries and diseases related to dental pulp along with associated periradicular conditions. The main purpose of endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) is to remove the pathological pulp, then clean and shape the root canal system, disinfect the contaminated root canals, and then obturate (fill) the root canal system to prevent re-infection and promote periradicular healing. By sparing your tooth, an endodontist can enable you to keep your normal grin, so you can keep on eating your most loved sustenance’s and keep up your general wellbeing. Nothing looks feels or capacities like your common tooth.


Pregnancy changes in a woman’s body “can adversely affect her gums and teeth. During pregnancy, her body undergoes more blood flowing, more acid in her mouth and leads to a rise in the hormone level. The dental problems that a women body can suffer from are Gingivitis Tooth decay, Periodontitis, Loose teeth, Tooth decay and may lead to tooth loss. The symptoms that are generally found in a pregnant woman who is suffering from dental problem during her pregnancy are bad breath, mouth sores, red or purple gums, toothache etc.


Dental carries is the most common problem in adults and children.30 to 60% of carries phenotypic variation in secondary is responsible for genes. Periodontal diseases are heterogeneous type of disease affected 50 billion people worldwide. This disease is inherited as X linked dominant trait. Oral cancer also due to the mutation in proto-onco gene (polymorphism in GST gene: GSTMI and GSTTI OF CYP) or mutation in tumour suppressor lead to loss of heterozygosity and fail to repair. Study shows that dental development for most of the part is genetically determined and plays an important role in malocclusion. Cleft lip /palate are associated with chromosomal disorders or multifactorial in origin. The study shows that 70% cases are non syndromic and 30% are related to some syndromes (apert syndrome, cleidocranial dystosis, treacher collins syndrome etc.). This can be autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, or X linked. Siblings of affected child are a risk of 30 times more than general population.


Oral pharmaceutical is inferred as dental course of action, oral and maxillofacial medicine or stomatology. It is especially rotated around the mouth and their structures. Oral prescription lies among course of action and dentistry. This is commonly worried over clinical ID and non-cautious association of non-dental pathologies influence the orofacial district that is mouth and the lower confront. Different key ailments have signs or signs that undeniable in the orofacial zone. Pathologically, the mouth might be harrowed by different cutaneous and gastrointestinal conditions. There is in addition the excellent state of hard tissues entering the epithelial perception (hair and nails are intra-epithelial tissues). The biofilm which covers teeth causes one of kind pathologic parts known as plaque-initiated diseases. This Dental Congress permits to present your investigation all inclusive: Oral Structures and Capacities, Fundamental Tooth Structure, Orofacial, Pathologic parts for teeth, Stomatology.


 It is one of the medicinal techniques that include artificially modifying dentition; as such, medical procedure of the teeth and jaw bones. Regular enamel cleaning by method for a dental expert is proposed to get rid of tartar (mineralized plaque) that may expand in spite of cautious brushing and flossing, especially in locales of the mouth which are difficult to clean. Most dental hygienists suggest having the enamel professionally wiped spotless as a minimum every six months. Constant exam of the veneer by utilizing a dental expert is recommended no less than at regular intervals this could envelop each year, select dental X-beams.



It is a system which is done to enhance the presence of teeth, gums and it basically centers around the enhancement of dental feel shading, position, shape, size, alignment and in overall appearance. This may include expansion of dental material to the teeth or gums, evacuation of a tooth, teeth brightening, gum depigmentation, enhancement in the presence of the shape by rectifying of the teeth.


Dental 3D printing is the key of modern dentistry, as it is really helpful for dental labs. Digital dentistry is wide-spreading quite fast in the industry for many reasons. Like we said, it is an easy way to get customized items. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and time-saving method. For example, if your 3D printed device doesn’t fit, you just have to modify your 3D design. You don’t have to redo the whole process as you would have with injection molding. Benefits of 3D printing are numerous and this method can definitely help any medical professional to produce adapted medical devices. Here are a few examples of how 3D printing and more precisely the use of dental modeling software and dental 3D printers can help to improve the dentists, orthodontists and prosthetists daily work: 3D printed braces with LED lights, 3D printed aligners produced by a student, 3D printed dental implants, 3D printed dentures, 3D printed crowns.

LASER dentistry is an innovation which enhances the dental methods rests in the dental practitioner's capacity to control the power yield and the span of presentation on the gum or tooth tissues and in this way taking into consideration the best possible treatment of an exceedingly particular zone without harming the encompassing tissues. The distinctive sorts of LASER dentistry strategies are:

1) Hard Tissue LASER: Hard LASER has a particular wavelength which is highly absorbable by calcium phosphate salt present in bone and teeth and water making them more effective for cutting through tooth structure. Hard tissue lasers include the Erbium YAG and the Erbium chromium YSGG.

2) Soft Tissue LASER: Delicate tissue lasers have a wavelength that is exceedingly absorbale by water and hemoglobin, thereby making the tissue more powerful for delicate tissue administration. Usually utilized delicate tissue lasers incorporate Neodymium YAG (Nd:YAG) and diode lasers, which might be utilized as a segment of periodontal treatment and can eliminate microbes and initiate the re-development of tissues.


Odontologists are dental professionals who used their knowledge for the distinctive confirmation of darken remains and take after eat engravings to a specific individual. Logical odontology is one kind of science that is used for proper dealing with, examination and evaluation of dental affirmation, which will be presented in light of an authentic worry for value. The affirmation that can get from the teeth are-Unmistakable evidence of human remains from dental records and aiding at territory of mass disaster, sexual introduction recognizing verification, age estimation of both (the living and the dead).

Treatment conceivable outcomes may incorporate the use of nanotechnology to local anesthesia, dentition renaturalization, the permanent cure for hypersensitivity, finish orthodontic realignment in a single visit, covalently fortified diamondized enamel, and nonstop oral wellbeing support utilizing mechanical dentifrobots. Dental nanorobots could be built to pulverize caries-causing bacteria or to fix tooth flaws where decay has set in, by utilizing a computer to coordinate these little specialists in their undertakings. These nanorobots can be utilized in oral malignant growth treatment, nanoanesthesia, dentine tubule obstructing to ease hypersentivity and so forth.

CAD/CAM Dentistry is a field of dentistry and prosthodontics utilizing computer aided design/computer aided modelling to enhance the plan and formation of dental restorations particularly dental prostheses, including crowns, crown lays, vaneers, inlays and onlays, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations, dentures (removable or settled), and orthodontic machines. CAD/CAM supplements prior advancements utilized for these reasons by any mix of expanding the speed of design and creation; increasing the convenience or simplicity of the design, creation, and insertion processes; and making possible restorations and appliances that otherwise would have been infeasible. Different objectives incorporate diminishing unit cost and making reasonable reclamations and machines that generally would have been restrictively costly.