Call for Abstract


August 19-20, 2019


Hong Kong, China

Scientfic Sessions:

Sometimes drug has negative impact upon the health due to lack of proper usage. Drug Safety Conference seeks to hold meetings upon the sustainable usage of drugs. Global Drug Safety Workshop aims to create awareness upon the usage of drugs based on proper prescription from doctors.

Drug Safety Testing is necessary to get medicines specific to the particular disease. Testing aims to deduce the relationship between host and environment and prescribe accordingly. Drug Safety 2019 aims to gather professionals and experts to discuss about various sustainable ways to test drug that ensures the healthy life.

Global Drug Safety Conference discusses about the misuse of patent right of drug. Drug Safety Meetings holds discussion on biosimilars and various ways the drug is manufactured which gives clear understanding of risk associated with the safety of drugs.

Surveillance is the effective means to check the misuse of drug and its rights. 16th Annual Drug Safety Congress seeks for intense discussion on finding various effective ways that assist in conducting surveillance of drugs after it has been released on the market.

Holding discussion to prevent the adverse effects of pharmaceutical products and various ways to monitor the usage is the prime target of 16th Annual Drug Safety Congress. Join us in Tokyo, Japan this June to have intense session upon the usage of drug for healthy life.

Pharmacy aims to prepare and dispense medicines and provision of drug related information to the general public to ensure they know what they are taking. Pharmacy practices involve the checking of the accuracy of the dose to be administered on any prescription order. Global Pharmacy Exhibition aims to discuss about emerging challenges of pharmacy practices.

Case Report contains vital information of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of an individual patient. This information is shared for medical, scientific or educational purposes. Drug Safety Symposium aims to have analytic discussion upon various and latest case reports to establish the relationship between Clinical Trials.

16th Annual Drug Safety Congress emphaisises on the molecular docing as it is a method which predicts the orientation of one molecule to a second when they are bonded together to form a stable complex. Global Drug Safety Conference invites the medical professionals, industry expert and researchers to discuss various methods and risk associated while preparing structure based drug design since it can predict the binding situation of small molecule ligands to the target binding site. Its characterization plays vital role in rational drug design.

Achieving the safety in usage and delivery of quality drug for healthy well-being is the prime target of any government, organizations and industries. 16th Annual Drug Safety Congress gathers the researchers from these agencies to have discussion on the current challenges faced in maintaining the quality of drugs. Global Drug Safety Conference invites all the members from the medical community and industry to participate in the conference.

Global Drug Safety Workshop aims to establish a relationship between the cost and effects of a pharmaceutical product. There is going to be discussed upon various ways on which optimum healthcare resources can be utilized for healthy living. Medical Professionals and an expert will discuss on research upon the economic evaluation of pharmaceutical, cost-minimization analysis, cost-benefit analysis and quality-adjusted life years. The study of Pharmacoeconomics will play the vital role in exploring various drugs and treatment options so that there will be a maximum improvement in the quality of life at a minimum cost.