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United Arab Emirates is a little nation situated in the eastern part of the Arab world, on a for the most part abandon extend of land encompassed by the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The nation imparts fringes to Oman and Saudi Arabia. It appreciates a one of a kind key area, flanking the Gulf of Oman and overlooking the southern way to deal with the Strait of Hormuz, an indispensable travel point for world oil. The land fringes of the UAE add up to 867 kilometers, 410 with Oman and 457 with Saudi Arabia. Its coastline is 1,318 kilometers in length. Emirati culture is based on Arabian culture and has been influenced by the cultures of Persia, India, and East Africa. Arabian and Persian inspired architecture is part of the expression of the local Emirati identity. Persian influence on Emirati culture is noticeably visible in traditional Emirati architecture and folk arts. Arabic is the national language of the United Arab Emirates. The Gulf dialect of Arabic is spoken natively by the Emirati people. Since the area was occupied by the British until 1971, English is the primary lingua franca in the UAE. As such, knowledge of the language is a requirement when applying for most local jobs. Other world languages are represented by expatriate population drawn from a wide mix of nationalities. UAE conferences will be providing an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in Emerging Technological Innovations in Sciences, Engineering, Technology and Management. In 2020 Meetings International will be hosting 20 conferences in UAE.

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UAE Economy | UAE Conferences

The economy of the United Arab Emirates is the second largest in the Arab world (after Economy of Saudi Arabia), with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $407.52 billion in 2017 (nominal).  Although UAE has the most diversified economy in the GCC, the UAE's economy remains extremely reliant on petroleum (oil).. In February 2008, the Ministry of Health unveiled a five-year health strategy for the public health sector in the northern emirates, which fall under its purview and which, unlike Abu Dhabi and Dubai, do not have separate healthcare authorities. The strategy focuses on unifying healthcare policy and improving access to healthcare services at reasonable cost, at the same time reducing dependence on overseas treatment. Eventually, under federal law, every Emirati and expatriate in the country will be covered by compulsory health insurance under a unified mandatory scheme.

 Business in UAE | UAE Conferences

Tourism is one of the bigger non-oil sources of revenue in the UAE, with some of the world's most luxurious hotels being based in the UAE. A massive construction boom, an expanding manufacturing base, and a thriving services sector are helping the UAE diversify its economy. Nationwide, there is currently $350 billion worth of active construction projects. The UAE prefabricated building and structural steel market reached a value of US$ 775 Million in 2016. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% during 2017-2022.

Education in UAE | UAE Conferences

The UAE has shown a strong interest in improving education and research. The higher education system is monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education. The ministry also is responsible for admitting students to its undergraduate institutions. The education framework through secondary level is observed by the Ministry of Education in all emirates aside from Abu Dhabi, where it falls under the authority of the Abu Dhabi Education Council. It comprises of grade schools, center schools and secondary schools. The state funded schools are government-supported and the educational programs is made to coordinate the United Arab Emirates' improvement objectives. The medium of direction in the government funded school is Arabic with accentuation on English as a second language. There are likewise numerous private based schools which are internationally accredited. Public schools in the nation are free for nationals of the UAE, while the expenses for private schools differ.  

Research & Development in UAE | UAE Conferences

The UAE has shown a strong interest in improving education and research. Enterprises include the establishment of the CERT Research Centers and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Institute for Enterprise Development. According to the QS Rankings, the top-ranking universities in the country are the United Arab Emirates University (421–430th worldwide), Khalifa University (441–450th worldwide), the American University of Sharjah (431–440th) and University of Sharjah (551–600th worldwide).

Transportation in UAE | UAE Conferences

Distances in the UAE are relatively short, and the excellent transportation makes getting around easy. The United Arab Emirates have an extensive and well-developed road network, principally in the northern coastal area where the main population centers are located. Dubai International Airport was the busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic in 2014. Emirates is the biggest national airline of the UAE and is owned by Dubai. Etihad Airways is the second-largest national airline and is owned by Abu Dhabi and there are 42 airports in the UAE as of 2012. The only heavy rail transport operational in the UAE is the Dubai Metro since 2009, while the Abu Dhabi Metro is under construction and Sharjah Metro planning. In November 2014, Dubai launched the UAE's first tram network named Dubai Tram; it operates mainly in the Dubai Marina with new stations being constructed. Also Dubai Trolley runs as tourist attraction since 2015. Taxi is the most widely used public transportation systems, which are operated by both government agencies as well as private agencies.


Notable Researchers from UAE | UAE Conferences

It is an energizing time for research and development in the UAE. As the nation looks to expand and upgrade the commitment of the information economy to the UAE's social and financial development there is a developing acknowledgment of the imperative commitment of logical R&D. Strategic design is now taking shape in the UAE in the form of updated and enhanced scientific research policies, space programs, educational reforms and investment in research intensive institutions. More people are getting involved in research and development in the UAE, making significant contributions and influences.

Tourist Attractions in UAE | UAE Conferences

With its full-throttle advancement, land-mark horizons of elevated structures, and world popular shoreline resorts, the United Arab Emirates has turned into a most loved destination for family occasions and breaks. Popular tourist destinations, for example, Dubai's transcending Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi's advanced Sheik Zayed Mosque, have marked the UAE as an up-to-the-minute extravagance destination. The different UAE destinations offer culture fans a lot of activities. Dig into the nation's Bedouin past on starry desert evenings before exploring the many forts that monitored the coastline well before the domination of charming elevated structures. While for nature-lovers, the desert begins where the cities end, and the rugged pinnacles of the Hajar Mountains are ready for adventuring. Top destinations include Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, Hajar Mountains, Sharjah Arts Museum, Jebel Hafeet, Bastakia, Beaches, Dubai Creek Dhow Ride, Al-Bidyah Mosque, Souks and many more. Attend Meetings International conferences in UAE and get an opportunity to explore its attractions.

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